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The DC STIP project list describes the set of federally-funded projects and programs for Fiscal Years 2018-2022.  The project list was identified based on recurring DDOT activities, projects identified in the District’s long-range multimodal transportation plan, moveDC, and the District’s transportation priorities.

The DC STIP projects are at various stages of DDOT’s Project Development Process:

Within the DC STIP, the term program is used to describe ongoing funding commitments for operations, education, maintenance, regular infrastructure improvements that are not defined as projects.  The project list is organized by project category, described below.

All costs are shown in current year (2017) dollars.  Costs for projects in the planning phase may be reevaluated in future phases.

DC STIP Categories

Major Multimodal: Improvements to a key transportation corridor, typically addressing travel by a mix of modes (including transit, auto, bicycle, and pedestrian), operations, safety, curbside uses, and public space quality.

Streetscape/Public Space: Improvements to or within a roadway corridor that may address travel by multiple modes, safety, parking/curbside uses, and public space quality.

Bicycle/Pedestrian: Improvements to bicycle and pedestrian facilities, including new or upgraded trails, sidewalks, bicycle lanes, and bicycle storage facilities. Generally, improvements to bicycle and pedestrian crossings of roads are included in the Safety Improvement category.

Transit: Transit facilities, including upgrades to transit stops and stations as well as the purchase of Circulator buses. New transit (streetcar) lines are generally included in the Major Multimodal Improvement category.

Bridge/Tunnel: Bridges and tunnel projects and programs including regular bridge maintenance. Planned or minor replacement and rehabilitation on bridge or tunnels are generally included in this category. Major bridge and tunnel improvements that improve access for other modes of transportation are generally included in the Major Multimodal Improvement category.

Safety: Pedestrian, bicycle, and motor vehicle safety, including safety studies, audits, and reviews.

Stormwater/Other Infrastructure: Projects to enhance drainage and flood prevention, stormwater collection and treatment.  This category also includes other transportation-related projects such as Intelligent Transportation Systems, the network of communications technology that helps DDOT manage the transportation infrastructure.

Asset Management: Programs to maintain and upgrade transportation assets including roadway pavement, streetlights, traffic signals, and signal systems. Inventories and assessments that do not directly lead to specific improvements are included in the planning/programming/fiscal/administrative category.

Planning/Programming/Fiscal/Administrative: Includes planning studies, program management, as well administrative functions such as Civil Rights compliance, training, and emissions reduction programs.

Draft Project List

A draft project list was compiled as a PDF document. Community feedback helped to shape the final project list included in the DC STIP.